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We are Australia’s best source of everything you’ll need for the improvement, management and maintenance of your lake, dam or pond.  We stock the finest range of products to improve the appearance and quality of any man made water body.  The equipment we sell, install and service has been carefully selected based on its function, durability and value to our customers because we appreciate our customers and want them for life not just a transaction.  We use the dam & pond maintenance products that we sell online in our lake and pond management business so we know that everything we sell works and is the best value-for-money product available.   We prefer to improve lakes, dams and ponds using environmentally friendly methods so we stock a large variety of aeration systems, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, pond dyes and aquatic tools for a chemical free approach to lake and pond management.  We also supply government approved algaecides and herbicides to control the growth of aquatic vegetation, pond weeds and algae.  In addition to pond maintenance products, we provide a variety of dam & pond services to improve the functionality or aesthetics of any dam, lake or pond.  Our dam & pond maintenance services can be provided on an ongoing monthly basis or as needed to solve a problem.  If you’re building a new pond, improving an old one or are having problems with the management or maintenance of your lake, dam or pond, give us a call, we can help.

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