Aeration System Design & Installation for Lakes, Dams & Ponds


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There are many types of aeration systems and unfortunately there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.  For an aeration system to be effective it needs to be sized according to a number of factors such as the volume, depth, BOD, water temperature, salinity, type & amount of fish as well as factors unique to the site such as power supply, noise requirements, maintenance, budget, security and aesthetics.

We take the guess work out of selecting an appropriate aeration system and work with you to find the best outcome to suit your goals and situation. We have many types of aeration systems and offer products to suit all budgets.

We install all types of aeration systems in ponds, dams and lakes and have the tools and equipment to make sure your equipment is positioned in the best spot within the water body.

If you’d prefer to do the installation yourself then in most cases our $48 phone consultation with a lake management expert is enough for us to gather the information we need and then design an appropriate aeration system. This is an easy, affordable way of getting the information you need and if you go on to purchase your aeration system from us then the $48 fee will be refunded meaning you get our expert advice at no charge.

30 min call with an aquatic expert

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