Algae Control for Lakes, Dams & Ponds


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Our expert, licenced aquatic applicators can get rid of the algae in your pond, dam or lake using a variety of methods and we can help you choose the best one for your situation. If you want a quick fix then our technicians can apply a registered aquatic algaecide in a way that won’t harm your fish or other aquatic life. These algaecides are copper based but safer than the old way of killing algae using copper sulphate which is highly toxic to the aquatic environment and now banned for use. Nowadays aquatic algaecides are formulated with chelated copper which is safer for the environment.

If you’re after more sustainable long term farm pond algae control then we can design and implement an algae control management plan using biological water treatments, peroxide based water treatments, aeration and floating wetlands in a holistic way.

If you’d prefer to treat the algae yourself, our $48 phone consultation with a lake management expert is usually enough for us to gather the information we need and then make a product and dose rate recommendation. This is an easy, affordable way of getting the information you need and if you go on to purchase your pond algae control products from us then you have the opportunity to have the $48 fee refunded.

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