Aquatic Weed Control

Aquatic Weed Harvesting Services and Control across Australia

When your dam or lake is reaching critical levels of weed infestation, don’t panic. Just call an expert at  for harvester services that will have your body of water pristine and sparkling again!  Our team have access to some of the most modern and effective aquatic weed harvesters in Australia and are willing to travel interstate or internationally to help with any problem, anywhere.

Our expert, licenced applicators can get rid of the weeds in your pond, dam or lake using a variety of methods and we can help you choose the best one for your situation.  Our preferred method of weed control is to first mechanically remove as much as possible using an aquatic weed harvester or other methods, spray the remaining with approved and registered herbicides and then use beneficial bacteria to clean up the rotting vegetation left in the water body.  We can then look at the reasons why the weeds got out of control in the first place and implement strategies to balance the total system and minimise the chances of them returning.

Dealing with aquatic weeds yourself

If you’d prefer to treat the problem yourself, book a 30 minute call with an aquatic expert so we can gather the information we need and then make a recommendation in regards to treatment options, products and if necessary, chemical dose rates.  This is an easy way of getting the information you need before purchasing your weed control products.

Contact us on 1300 283 387 today if you have questions about our aquatic weed harvesting services.  We are happy to answer basic questions about our products over the phone, but for a truly personalised service book a 30 minute call with an aquatic expert.  Wherever your lake is in Australia, we can help you get it clean!

30 min call with an aquatic expert

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