Algae Control

Discusses some of the many options for algae control.

Note that this article was written for an American publication so not all options are available in Australia.

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Aerators, Aerating Fountains

Aerators, Aerating Fountains and Display FountainsProvide Function and Appeal to Ponds & Lakes

This article is an attempt to help the reader have a clearer understanding of the differences between an aerator as opposed to an aerating fountain and a display fountain.

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Aeration in Pond Management

The Role of Aeration in Pond Management

The goal of most fish farmers is to maximize production and profits while holding labor and management efforts to the minimum

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Before You Build a Pond

Why do you want a pond?

This may be the most important question to ask. It will affect or determine the size, cost, depth, quality of pond construction and many other factors.

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Vertex Aeration Systems

Vertex lake bed aeration systems are considered the best in the industry. This article discusses the advantages of using lake bed aeration as opposed to floating aeration systems. There’s always pros and cons for any aeration system so give us a call if you need help working out what’s best for you.

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Fertilisation of Fish Ponds

When ponds are fertilized, nutrients stimulate the growth of microscopic plants in the water (phytoplankton).

Fish farmers and recreational farm pond owners fertilize ponds to increase fish production and prevent rooted aquatic weeds from becoming established

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