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Freshwater Catfish

Freshwater Catfish Clearwater Lakes and Ponds

Freshwater Catfish Freshwater catfish (Tandanus tandanus), also known as Eeltail catfish, are native to the Murray Darling Basin and are usually found in slow flowing river or lake systems.  They are a relatively sedentary species that don’t move around much, making them an ideal species for dams.  They are a smooth skin fish with no […]

Aussie Bass

Aussie Bass Aussie Bass (also known as Freshwater Perch or Eastern Freshwater Perch) are a native species of the eastern drainage systems of Australia, commonly found from Southeastern Queensland down to Southern Victoria. Aussie Bass are carnivores that like to feed on insects, insect larvae, shrimp, yabbies and smaller fish.  If stocking your dam with […]

Golden Perch

Golden Perch Golden Perch, also known as Yellowbelly, Callop or Murray Perch are native to the Murray Darling Basin and a great fish for stocking in larger dams with a minimum surface area of 500m2 (1/10th of an acre) and minimum volume of one megalitre (million litres).  If your dam is smaller than this then […]

Fish for Dams – Silver Perch

We often get asked “Should I put some fish in my dam”?  The answer is almost always “YES”.  Fish are a great addition to most dams as they help form a balanced ecosystem and are great fun to have.  When appropriately stocked, they can remove nutrients as part of a food chain, control mosquitoes & filamentous […]

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