Why choose Water Quality Solutions?

Our head consultant (Scott Tucker) has an honors degree in aquaculture (fish farming) and has been working with man made water bodies of all shapes and sizes since 1999. Scott spent many years as National Sales Manager for Australia’s leading pond products distributor and has trained hundreds of trade and retail staff throughout Australia and New Zealand in basic pond management. We have good relationships with lake and pond experts both here and overseas and are well placed to find solutions to problems that others may find too hard.

What kind of lakes and ponds do you deal with?

We’ll work with any size man made body of water except for small garden puddles as this market is well serviced by retail.

Do you travel interstate or internationally?

Yes, we’ll take on interstate or international assignments..

How much does a consultation cost?

Each job we do is different from the last and depends on your goals and the services you want us to provide. Factors that influence our charges include time, location, number and size of water bodies, testing requirements, reporting requirements etc, etc.  We can customise our services to suit your needs or you can hire our expertise through one of our great value consultation packages.

If you’re unsure where to start then our $48 phone consultation is the easiest way to access some tailored advice specific to your situation with the opportunity to have the fee refunded if further purchases are made.

30 min call with an aquatic expert

Can I get free advice over the phone?

Yes, if you’ve got simple questions about our products and services then give us a call at any time, we’re happy to help.  But if you need a more in depth discussion and assessment of your water body then booking a 30 min call with one of our expert aquatic consultants is the easiest, most popular way.  After registering for this service we’ll send you an email requesting further information about your water body and some preferred times that you’d like us to call.  After we’ve received your information and done some preparation work we’ll schedule a time to call so we can give you expert advice and recommendations specifically designed for your water body.

Should you then go on to purchase any of our products or services you will be offered a 10% discount up to the value of the $48 phone consultation giving you the opportunity to receive our expert assessment and advice for free.

30 min call with an aquatic expert

Do you offer a service guarantee?

Yes, if you pay for a consulting service and report, follow all of the recommendations but do not achieve the expected outcomes provided in our report then we’ll continue to work with you until a satisfactory result has been achieved without further charge for our consulting services.

What’s the best time of year to organise a consultation?

Most people experience problems in summer so this is usually our busiest time. If you’re considering professional advice don’t wait until the problem appears again next summer, get in early during the cooler months when we can spend some more time and prepare a plan for the season.

What training services do you offer?

We offer training in basic principles of pond management including biology, water chemistry, algae control, equipment, design, maintenance, etc. Our services are geared towards commercial operators such as golf courses, landscapers, maintenance contractors etc but we’re happy to discuss training opportunities with anyone.

FAQ Products

What type of products do you sell?

We sell liners, pumps, filters, aerators, lights, algae control products, fish, plants, water testing equipment, chemicals, maintenance equipment – anything to do with lakes or ponds.

How can I buy?

You can buy direct from us at our warehouse (by appointment) or through our online store.  You can also buy through an agent depending on your location.

What’s your warranty policy?

Our warranty policy is product specific as it is ultimately a manufacturer’s warranty. In most cases products need to be returned freight paid to the manufacturer or supplier for inspection. If you want to make a warranty claim, please email us at hello@waterqualitysolutions.com.au or give us a call for instructions.

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