Floating Treatment Wetlands

Most man made water bodies eventually wind up with an excessive amount of nutrients that lead to excessive growth or algae or aquatic weeds. Floating treatment wetlands (or floating islands) are an effective tool for up-taking nutrients in aquatic systems making them unavailable for algae or aquatic weeds.  Floating wetland panels float on the surface of the water and are planted with selective species of wetland plants.  As these plants grow their root system penetrates below the floating wetland panel into the water and because the roots are in water, not soil, they must take nutrients from the water in order to survive.

Floating treatment wetlands are a low tech tool to strip nutrients from any water body and in many cases are more cost effective and practical than traditional wetlands as there are no earth moving construction costs and no additional land space is required.  Floating treatment wetlands are used to clarify water, absorb heavy metals, remove dissolved organic matter, reduce odour, suppress wave action and bank erosion, provide habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife, reduce evaporation and create an aesthetic feature.

We supply and install floating treatment systems of any size ranging from backyard ponds to large scale waste water treatment ponds and lagoons.

If you’d like some expert advice and assistance selecting and sizing an appropriate floating treatment wetland for your project then our $48 phone consultation with a lake management expert is an easy, affordable way of getting the information you need and if you go on to use any of our products or services then you have the opportunity for the $48 fee to be refunded meaning you get our expert advice at no charge.


Floating treatment wetlands  Floating-wetland-with-bird-guards  Domestic Floating Wetland Panel, 820 x 820 mm with 5 x 140 mm planting baskets. - 4mNRz1vLRgSRtLp9M44u_Wetlands_20Mature  Floating island domestic 2

Floating island with duck  Floating island domestic


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