Grease Reduction


Grease Reduction Treatment

Grease collection systems exist to keep grease out of sewer lines and further downstream in pump stations and wastewater treatment plants.  Grease traps separate fats, oils and grease under a sink or kitchen and discharge water down into the sewer.  If excessive grease builds up in grease traps, pump stations or wastewater treatment plants it can result in major maintenance requirements and costs.

Grease can coat pipes creating anaerobic pockets for converting sulfates into hydrogen sulphide resulting rotten egg odours and sulphuric acid which can cause corrosion to pipes and equipment. Grease can choke pipes resulting in reduced flows and/or increased pumping costs,  it is a major cause of sewerage back ups and grease can deliver long chain fatty acids to wastewater treatment plants causing problems with bulking and foaming.

Once grease builds up in a system most operators of grease collection systems are forced to hire someone to physically remove it at great expense.  This tired method is expensive, disruptive and invasive.  Our alternative is to add specific bacteria that will break down the fats, oils and grease (FOG) found in grease traps, pump stations, wet wells and wastewater treatment systems.

Our specific nonpathogenic microbes are developed to reduce filaments, FOG, sludge production and control foaming.  They will soften up and degrade FOG while lowering hydrogen sulphide and therefore reduce odour and corrosion.

If you’re having problems with grease in your grease trap, lift station, wet well or wastewater treatment plant then take a look at our money saving range of new age grease reduction products.







Grease Reduction Products

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