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Lake management isn’t an exact discipline; you’re dealing with mother nature so it’s usually a mix of both art and science. You can get a lot of information from books or over the internet but this can be overwhelming and not always relevant to your particular water body.

To manage a water body effectively you need to think about your immediate situation and the affects your decision making will have in future years.  Poor advice or bad actions can be expensive and damaging to your aquatic environment.  Working with an experienced, qualified lake management consultant could save you lots of time, money and effort.

A good consultant will find out your goals, look at your circumstances, ask questions, give thought, raise issues and awareness and provide a range of recommendations to assist you in your choice of action. A good consultant is up to date with latest methods, offers services (not just products) and is scientifically trained but able to speak to their clients in easy to understand terms.

We’re always updating our skills & education, attending international conferences and undertaking training & project work with some of the world’s best lake management companies. We invest heavily in our expertise because we want to give our clients the best information and best service in the industry. When hiring us you get the benefit of years of academic training, national & international project experience, access to our vast network of experts and of course, quality customer care.

We can customise our services to suit your needs or you can hire our expertise through one of our great value consultation packages. If you’re unsure where to start then our $48 phone consultation is the easiest way to access some tailored advice specific to your situation with the opportunity to have the fee refunded if further purchases are made.

Our consulting service charges are (prices include gst);
Consultation for residential ponds – In office $110     Onsite $195
Consultation for all other water bodies – In office $165     Onsite $295
(All other water bodies include lakes, dams, lagoons, natural swimming pools, waste water treatment etc)

Note: Most consultations are concluded within one hour and information is returned via email. Additional charges apply if longer consultations or more formal reports are required.
On-site consultations with a travel time greater than one hour from head office will be charged a pro rata rate of the above fees for travel time beyond one hour in both directions. Interstate and international consulting/service calls are negotiated on a case by case basis.


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