Lake Management

A selection of equipment manufacturers, magazines and other sources of lake management information.

Aeration and filtration products for lakes, dams and ponds

The technology leaders in lake bed aeration systems.

Versatile floating fountains, aerating fountains and true floating aerators

Innovative products for large ponds or small lakes

Magazine specialising in private fishing lakes

Aquatic Plants, Weeds and Algae

The following links provide some basic information and guidelines regarding aquatic plants, weeds and algae. Although some sites are from the USA many plant species are the same. Management techniques may vary due to different conditions and availability of products. Contact us for further information.
Noxious Weeds

Pond Management

A selection of pond manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and installers

Aeration and filtration products for lakes, dams and ponds

Grey Water

Grey water diverter devices for reuse of household grey water


Some general water links

Australian Government Agencies

Some general agencies and organisations with lake management related content

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