Our Lake, Dam and Pond Suppliers & Manufacturers

Clearwater Lakes and Ponds is proud to represent the following lake and pond management companies;


Airolator – Air-O-Lator (USA) has been manufacturing aerators, pond Fountains, mixers and aspirators for water treatment since 1967. Their high performance and dependable products are engineered to improve water quality bringing about a healthy water eco-system along with aesthetic beautification. The Air-O-Lator product line is designed to provide the most natural, energy-efficient way to treat water quality problems while being easy to use and maintain. Components are made in the USA from the highest-grade materials and motors are manufactured in Germany by Franklin Electric, arguably the world’s best manufacturer of submersible motors.


Aquafix – Aquafix (USA) has the goal of developing great bio-technologies for the people who manage wastewater treatment plants. Many of their products were developed directly for the needs of wastewater operators with the intention of solving the source of the problem, not just suppressing it temporarily like most like most wastewater or janitorial additives. Their laboratory focuses on the development of three types of cutting-edge products – bacterial cultures of many types, biostimulants to help the naturally occurring bacteria and odor control compounds.

Aquafix has a state-of-the-art biological laboratory in Madison Wisconsin, dedicated to studying the whole spectrum of wastewater issues. Knowledge gained from their extensive research is used to develop natural and sustainable bio-technologies.
Aquafix study food to microorganism ratios and how they affect the heterotrophic bacteria, wastewater plants and nitrifying populations. Each product is made to solve the root cause of wastewater issues. The key to their success is nutrition. They provide the right nutrients and stimulants to give the bacteria the “tools” they need to degrade the specific problem agent. This is how they truly tailor each product to each wastewater issue.


Applied Polymer Systems – Applied Polymer systems manufacture floc logs and pond logs which are used for stormwater management and pond clarification. Their pond zinger product is designed to reduce nutrients in ponds ranging from 2000 – 45,000 litres. Larger versions are available for larger ponds and dams. This innovative product won Pond Trade Magazine’s 2011 Product of the Year award.

fiaFloating Islands Australia – Floating Islands Australia was established in 2008 to design and develop floating wetland products. It is an Australian company with a vision to provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution to the pollution of lakes and water bodies caused by excessive nutrients. FIA products are made utilising recycled plastics and foams that are manufactured to support the hydroponic growth of wetland plants. FIA’s innovative design using 95% recycled materials gained recognition by being a finalist in the prestigious Plastix ANZ awards.


Futi – Futi aerators have been produced in China since 1990 and the company has grown to become China’s largest manufacturer of aeration equipment. They have a range of budget priced aerators that are mostly used in aquaculture and waste water applications.

Matala logoMatala – Matala Water Technology have been manufacturing unique water filtration products since 2000. Matala filter media revolutionised water filtration by its ability to separate solids from water while retaining excellent water flow characteristics and supporting high numbers of beneficial bacteria for biological filtration. Matala filtration media is now commonly found in koi & water garden filters, waste water filtration, aquaculture filtration, grey water filtration and many other water filtration applications.

Matala has an outstanding team of aquaculture experts, design and production engineers that in the past few years have built on the success of their filtration media and developed a range of water cleansing products including biological filters, grey water diverters & filters, ultra violet clarifiers/sterilisers, pond vacuum cleaners, filter brushes & additives and aeration products for ponds, dams and lakes.
Matala products are manufactured in Taiwan and represent great value. As a company they value their reputation as a quality manufacturer and industry innovator and don’t produce cheap junky products. Matala products are now supplied to over 40 countries worldwide and they have an excellent reputation within the koi, wastewater and aquaculture industries.


Nualgi – Nualgi nanobiotech are an innovative company producing a unique product that acts as a diatom fertiliser. It is a liquid additive containing a special formulation of Fe, Mn, Zn, Co, Cu, Mo, B, S, Ca, Mg, P, K & Si on a nano silica base. It is used to restore balance, improve water quality, and control nuisance algae in ponds and dams.


Outdoor Water Solutions – Outdoor Water Solutions are the leading manufacturer of windmill aeration systems in the U.S. Their patented BalCam technology revolutionised the industry by using a balanced camshaft design and stainless steel crankshaft to significantly increase the amount of air produced and delivered to a pond or lake. Their new range of solar aeration systems extends their range of alternative energy powered aeration systems for ponds, dams and lakes.


Vertex Waterfeatures – Vertex Waterfeatures is the technology leader in diffused aeration systems for water quality management. Vertex systems are made in the USA to the highest quality standards and independent testing has proven that Vertex systems circulate more water with less power than competitive brands.

Vertex know how much water is lifted at different depths and airflow volumes. This information allows proper sizing of an aeration system for any shape or size of lake or dam. Vertex systems are custom designed using proprietary Lake Pro Software which provides detailed calculations of surface area, water volume, system performance and most importantly calculates a daily turnover rate. Mapping data is also
supplied showing the location of compressor, hose and AirStations. When properly designed and used, Vertex bottom aeration systems offer a simple, safe, and affordable product for aerating lakes, dams and ponds.


WaterTreats – WaterTreats is an Australian brand offering a range of water treatments and accessory products for lake, dam and pond management. The majority of their water treatments are natural, biological products that work with nature to improve water quality.

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