International Lake, Dam & Pond Colleagues

We are proud to have trained with the following companies and developed personal friendships while spending many hours treating, aerating, consulting and improving private water bodies in the U.S.


Aquadoc is a full service lake and pond management company headed from Columbus Ohio. They have been operating for over 30 years and are staffed with biologists, licensed aquatic specialists and experts in fountain technology.

Aquatic Systems Logo

Aquatic Systems, Inc. is Florida’s largest lake and wetland management organisation. Throughout their 30+ years in business, Aquatic Systems has invested in research and development to understand the underlying causes of algae blooms, invasive plant growth and water quality issues. Their professional staff include aquatic limnologists and biologists.

Pond Boss logo

Professional fisheries biologist and lake management consultant, Bob Lusk, is considered by many to be the USA’s leading authority on private lake management. Bob was one the pioneer’s of the lake management industry in the US and now runs a lake management company as well as Pond Boss magazine. We’re proud to consider Bob a close personal friend and mentor and treasure the relationship we have with Bob and his family.

Lake management services logo

Lake Management Services are one of the best and most complete lake and pond management companies in Texas. They specialise in fountains, aeration, aquatic chemicals, fish stocking and lake design.

Otto logo

Mike Otto has been constructing fishing dams and lakes since 1979. Mike has decades of experience in lake and pond design, construction and renovation and has recently released a book on these subjects. He is co owner and regular contributor to Pond Boss magazine.

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