Pond & Dam Cleaning

Ponds and Dams are like any other part of your garden or property in that they need regular maintenance and cleaning.  We offer a range of products to make pond and dam maintenance easy but if you don’t want to do it yourself then we can come and do it for you.  Our combination of expert knowledge and specialist equipment enable us to clean your pond or dam in a timely, professional manner.

When cleaning ponds we use high volume industrial pond vacuum cleaners imported from Europe that can handle large deep ponds and make light work of small ones.  Cleaning ponds should be done regularly so that excessive amounts of sludge don’t build up.  If you only cleaned your lounge room floor once every year or so it would be a big job and it’s the same for your pond.  Regular ongoing maintenance is more cost effective in the long run and ensures you get to enjoy pond rather than the problems of murky water, bad odour and algae growth that ponds with excessive sludge produce.

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