Pond Pump Design & Installation

Your pump is the heart of the pond and needs to move the correct amount of water through the filter in order for the system to work as a whole.  Choosing the right pump should involve looking at the system as a whole, circulation & filtration requirements, hose lengths & sizes, types & performance of pump options and power availability & consumption.  If you choose the wrong type of pump you can either end up with a filtration system that doesn’t work because it isn’t getting the correct volume of water passing through it or a system that’s so costly to run that you end up turning it off periodically to save power costs which also results in an inefficient filtration system.

We give you the information you need to select an appropriate pump or we can take the work out of it and give you our recommendations with reasons why.  We also install new pond pumps or replace existing ones.  If you’d like some expert advice and assistance selecting and sizing an appropriate pond pump then our $48 phone consultation with a lake management expert is an easy, affordable way of getting the information you need and if you go on to use any of our products or services then you have the opportunity for the $48 fee to be refunded meaning you get our expert advice at no charge.

30 min call with an aquatic expert

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