Koi Pond & Water Garden

Koi are a common ornamental fish that is commonly grown in ponds. They are appreciated for their beauty and variations in colour but often cause dramas for owners unsuspecting of the maintenance and culture requirements. Apart from filtration needs, koi ponds also require aeration. Many koi ponds feature a waterfall but this alone is not sufficient to meet the pond biological oxygen demand. Feeding, growth, movement, respiration, pond microbiology and plants all require oxygen. A common confusion is that you need less aeration with a heavily planted pond. This is true during the day when plants undergo photosynthesis and consume CO2 and produce oxygen. However, at night the opposite happens and the plants actually uptake available oxygen. Other factors may be affected by heat such as pond microbial activity, increased respiration rates and increased feeding and faeces production. Pond turbidity can also limit the ponds primary oxygen producers. With so much natural fluctuation in naturally occurring oxygen production, it is best to supplement aeration in order to avoid crashes in oxygen levels which can result in massive fish kills or destroy the balance of the pond ecosystem.

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