A Solar Pond Aerator for All Budget Sizes

There’s no need to rely on the power companies to help keep your body of water aerated. Buy a solar powered pond aerator and set yourself free. Don’t worry about power bills, service interruptions or the concern of mixing electrical wiring and water; we sell all-in-one solar systems that are powerful enough for your needs and affordable enough for your budget.

Previously, solar powered pond aerator systems were primarily limited to small scale items such as small koi pond fountains or aquarium pumps. However, a current industry trend is having things operating “off the grid”; whether for theoretical reason or practical operation constraints. This has pushed manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to sell larger, more robust solar pond systems that can run without the need for single or three phase on site.

These systems come with solar panels and racking and are ready to go off the shelf. All the items are designed to Australian standards and have been made with quality materials to withstand the harsh weather conditions these units will likely be used in.

Go solar powered today with help from ClearWater

While water quality problems may be indiscriminate with location, power companies and sparkies sometimes are. If you’re after an industrial grade solar aeration option contact us for some pricing and information.

Our experienced staff can speak to you over the phone to discuss which aerator system is best for you. Cut the cord today and take the first step toward going off grid with a 30 minute call to an aquatic expert who will guide you toward the right system for you. Call our Melbourne office on 1300 283 387 and we can help you identify a cheaper, more reliable and better aerator system.

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