Air Hose & Fittings

As the saying goes, “A chain is only as strong as the weakest link” the same applies for aeration systems. While many people will spend hours researching the right pumps, compressors or diffusers; many overlook the linking components or choose to skimp on the quality. If you’ve ever witnessed an aeration system in a pond using regular plastic aquarium airline tubing; you will know that it looks like a floating mess of spiderwebs and can attract heaps of algae down the road. Proper weighted airhose can ensure a neat and tidy installation that is both visually subtle and also having functional benefits. Large masses of floating airlines can move or stress the diffusers but having the cable properly weighted down can hold things in place much better. However, weighted hose is not the only option available and a more economical way is to run regular air tubing on land and joining to weighted hose when entering an aquatic environment. We offer a wide range of air hoses and air lines for various sizes and applications. Fittings are also available to fit mismatched parts to get your aeration system running properly.

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