Diffused Aeration Systems

Due to the role of air bubbles and water contact in subsurface aeration, the total surface area of the bubbles are very influential in the efficiency of aeration. when it comes to diffused aeration options; many choose fine bubbles because you can have more bubbles in a given area which together give a higher surface area than fewer larger bubbles. A diffuser works by splitting the air supply into smaller portions or “diffusing” the air. This action can greatly increase water/air contact area as well as increasing the efficiency of water circulation. Diffused aeration systems usually will consist of an air compressor which can range from linear diaphragm to rocking piston, airline tubing and diffuser. For the tubing it is best to use weighted hose so that the tube and diffuser stay at the bottom. In order to save on cost however, it is often more feasible to run regular hose on land and joining to weighted hose for aquatic applications only. Diffuser options are vast and can include diffuser tubes, flexible rings, diffuser discs, airstones and diffuser hoses.

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