Wastewater pond aeration

Wastewater ponds and lagoons are used by many industries such as aquaculture fish farms, horticulture nurseries, agriculture farms, municipal sewage, household rainwater collection and many other forms of water treatment processes both commercial and domestic. Because of the high organic and nutrient loading of these bodies of water, wastewater pond aeration is highly recommended to avoid development of aerobic and anaerobic layers within the water column. Mechanical aeration allows for deeper ponds and faster processing rates through bacteria and evaporation. The oxygen promotes the growth and activity of nitrifying bacteria to convert ammonia into nitrates through nitrification.

The benefits of pond aeration

Aeration also acts as a degassing of the carbon dioxide produced during the process and increasing the available oxygen. The amount of aeration needed fluctuates and depends on many factors including temperature, pH, oxygen supply and use, nutrient input rates, sludge use and age, pond depth and pond sizes. Aeration of ponds also results in a mixing effect and helps fight sedimentation and sludge formation. Aerobic wastewater treatment also provides a benefit of fewer foul smells compared to anaerobic non-aerated ponds which can build up gases like methane and hydrogen sulphide.

Our approach to wastewater aeration

The products of your aerated wastewater pond will be treated nutrient reduced effluent water, carbon dioxide gas and sludge. The CO2 will be degassed during the process and any remaining amounts can be expelled through further aeration. Besides aeration, there are also many biological and chemical factors that come into play when tackling wastewater management. The sludge can be treated by enzymatic breakdown through natural and biological treatments such as Biostim Pellets or it can be collected via settlement for re-processing or other uses. Water treatment products can range from odour control for issues such as sulphur; to liquid foam reducing agents.

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