Dam & Pond Liner Underlay

Making Dam & Pond Liner Underlay Installation Simple

Don’t put your investment at risk. Sharp rocks and crevices can put extra stress on dam liners. Wherever you are in Australia, make sure you’re using an underlay all through the installation of any pond liners.

An underlay is a toughened layer of fabric that protects the liner from harm. Usually made of material almost as tough as the liner, it acts as a barrier.  Installation of pond and dam liners can become an expensive investment even if you go with budget friendly options like PVC. Make sure that when you decide on such a big step as laying down liner, it’s not something you have to do again soon.

The best range of pond liners in Australia

With pond and dam liners for every possible application in every environment in Australia, you are sure to find something to suit your next project at Clearwater. Stop shopping around; you won’t find prices this affordable and staff this knowledgeable anywhere else. We are capable of travelling to your project site – wherever you are in Australia – to give you on the spot advice about which of our products and services would be right for you.

We can help with every aspect – from planning to installation of pond liners to ongoing maintenance. No job is too big and few jobs are too small. If you’re in need of a detailed initial phone consultation, we offer half an hour with a qualified lake management expert based in Australia .  To book a consultation, or to get some information about our products and services, call us on 1300 283 387. With our help, you can have a cleaner, safer dam or pond sooner than you think!

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