Algae Control

Control Algae Growth in Ponds, Lakes and Dams with Ease

Make sure whatever water you’re responsible for isn’t hosting unwanted guests. Algae control in lakes and ponds doesn’t have to be hard, and ensures that water remains clean, safe and attractive. Whether you’re breeding fish or running a natural swimming pool, this is your enemy. Keep it at bay with help from Clearwater Lakes and Ponds’ range of algae control products.

Methods of algae control in artificial bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, aquaculture and waste water lagoons are very similar to weed control. Often you can hit both with one stone. Like weeds there are algaecides to eradicate existing growths around the body of water. Some larger string or filamentous algae can be scrubbed off, netted or removed by hand.

Algae growing on walls can also be brush or scrubbed to loosen things up before algaecides are applied. As with the weed treatments, a pre clean simply gives the chemicals less work and allows it to concentrate on the harder stubborn algal growth. It is a good idea to net out and remove dead matter so it doesn’t contribute to the organic matter nutrient loading of the water.

Control through aeration

Aeration will be a very important and effective long term step as good aeration will boost pond biologicals that can compete with algae as well as provide necessary oxygen for bacteria and enzymes to process dead organic matter.

Natural treatments will increase levels of enzymes and bacteria so treated material can be further broken down naturally. Diatoms are a great addition to compete with pest algae and will also produce oxygen rather than decrease pond oxygen supply.

To find out more and discuss your situation, call our experienced team on 1300 283 387 or book a call with an aquatic expert using the link above. Let’s work together for the cleanest water!

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