Aquatic Weed Control

Aquatic Weed Control in Ponds Can Be Easy

Aquatic weed control covers a vast spectrum of activities. At first glance many go straight for the herbicides to bomb everything. That will kill the weeds but doesn’t address the nutrient boost from the decaying dead weeds afterwards. Think about it like compost; all you’re doing is feeding dead plants to living ones resulting in stronger, more virulent survivors.

A good management strategy is mechanical removal of weeds with specialty tools like lake rakes, pool and pond skimmers, cutters and trimmers, nets and even using your hands (wearing gloves to avoid cuts). This means less work for the herbicides as they have fewer areas to focus on. Saving the chemical solutions for areas you can’t tend to manually by yourself will also mean less decaying plant matter afterwards.

Dead weeds don’t mean the end of aquatic pest control

The next step would be removal of the dead plants mechanically by netting or using a skimmer. A further good route to take is using biological treatments such as bacteria and enzymes. You can boost the bacteria and enzyme activity in ponds so the breakdown of sludges and nutrient releasing matter will be faster and efficient, helping you in removing the decaying matter faster. These treatments are natural and safe whilst boosting the natural ecological organic matter breakdown cycle.

For floating weeds like duckweed and azolla, aeration does wonders because these floating macrophytes prefer still water and stirring up the surface will limit or stop their growth. Talk to us about aeration which will also have a benefit of giving the bacteria and enzymes oxygen to complete their natural processes and breakdown waste products more efficiently in ponds.

Information on all of these solutions is available from our experienced staff on 1300 283 387. Book a 30 minute consultation with an aquatic expert  and get a weed control regime tailored to your situation. Chemicals and tools to carry this regime out are also available from us.

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