At Clearwater Lakes and Ponds we offer a variety of plants available for purchase in many different sizes from 20cm pots to 50mm tubes for your pond, lake and dam at affordable prices and great quality and we can deliver to your door for a small fee. The selection of plants range from Australian natives, waterlily’s, wetland plants and aquatic plants and are sourced from leading industry wholesalers in the market.

Our services range from dealing with the smallest body of water to large commercial projects so we cater for all needs, so if you are looking to create a beautiful aquatic landscape or want to attract native species and wildlife or simply create a small water garden then call our office today to speak to our helpful and friendly staff to discuss your options and plant availability.

See our other range of products that are excellent for creating the perfect pond, water garden or small to large wetland area as we have solutions from maintenance care and water treatment products to keep your body of water beautiful all year round.

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