Pump Pre Filters

Have you ever had a pump suddenly stop working or pumping significantly less water causing you to think it was broken? You inspect the pump and maybe even get a consultation appointment to check the problem only to find that some leaves have clogged up the pump intake. Remove the leaves and everything works like new again. The more extreme extension of this issue is if the clogging bits actually get inside the pump and damage the pump internals. These problems could be easily solved by using a pre filter to stop leaves and floating objects from getting to the pump allowing a safe continuous flow without the clogging. As with the pre filters, pump defenders are made of the same material as some filtration media so you also get some extra surface area for nitrifying bacteria to colonise and convert the ammonia to nitrate. The pre filters will need to be occasionally cleaned but they will give you longing time intervals and a much larger safety margin with the extra pump protection.

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