Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps provide a wide range of uses which is why they are also commonly known as sump pumps, bilge pumps, sewage pumps, pond pumps, aquarium pumps, bore pumps and well pumps. Some common uses are situations when you need to draw water from a reservoir source such as a waste water pit or a sump tank upwards to its destination whether that be a treatment step or water feature. They can range widely in pump head and flow rates and pump selection will depend on location of use and what it is used for. For example, a 68,000 LPH Geyser Hi-Flow pump might be useful for pumping bore water but would destroy your goldfish tank. The closer to the pump’s max head (water lift height) you are, the lower the discharge flow rate will be. You will want to operate in the middle range of the pumps capabilities to keep it in a healthy operational zone. If you are unsure about how to size your pump just contact us with details on the use and water volume of your pond, dam, tank or lake to get some recommendations and quotes.

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