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Wastewater Treatment Methods

Our range of water treatment products can quickly help bring a water treatment system back into balance without the need for expensive wastewater treatment engineering or a complete revamp of your wastewater treatment design.

It’s easy to find a waste water treatment company to supply waste water treatment chemicals, but not so easy to find a wastewater treatment company with a focus on natural waste water treatment methods.  Our preference to work with water treatment systems that follow the methodologies of biological nutrient reduction has led to us offering what is perhaps the largest range of biological waste water treatments in Australia.

Waste water systems that use biological nutrient reduction simply use oxygen and bacteria to process waste water.  These wastewater systems can include wastewater treatment plants, wastewater lagoons, industrial wastewater treatment systems, household wastewater treatment systems and virtually any type of waste water treatment system used in Australia.

Wastewater treatment systems can sometimes get out of balance so our water treatment products are used to bring them back into balance and improve the wastewater treatment process.  We have a wide range of wastewater treatment equipment, especially wastewater aeration systems and a unique range of biological waste water treatments.  These biological waste water treatments help target specific problems such as sludge reduction, ammonia control, nitrification, odour control, grease reduction and hydrogen sulphide control.

Other related products include floating wetlands for storm water treatment, grey water diverters and grey water treatment systems.

We work with waste water treatment plants, industrial water treatment plants, food waste treatment, effluent waste water treatment, grey water treatment, domestic and small waste water treatment systems.  We also work with waste water consultants so if you need a wastewater treatment guru we may be able to help you connect.

Wastewater Treatment Products

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