Koi Pond Filters

A common problem faced by koi pond owners is the maintenance that koi ponds require. in larger lakes and dams, filtration is not as necessary because the large volume of water dilutes chemical concentrations. This allows a larger time buffer zone for the lake to naturally filter itself. However, in small ponds the concentration of chemical is much higher and buildup can increase dramatically; especially if stocked with fish such as koi. These fish produce large amounts of waste that often clog up foam filters that simply do not allow enough flow through it to handle the load. due to the high nutrient loading from the koi waste and the ecology of natural ponds, a high flow filter with proper filter media such as the Koi Clear Vortex filter are needed. There are many other filtration options depending on pond stocking density, size and feed rates so our lines are open to assist you however we can.

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