Floating Treatment Wetlands

A common cause of algal and aquatic weed blooms is a high nutrient level in the water body. Not only are these blooms ugly to look at, but they can negatively impact the function of the pond as well by depleting available oxygen levels. A floating wetland panel alleviates both of these problems by using plants to treat the water as well as adding a nice visual aspect to the pond. The planted floating panel competes for nutrients such as nitrates with unwanted plant life such as algae and weeds. The floating panel structure also provides surface area for nitrifying bacteria to colonise and contribute to the nitrogen cycle. The panels contain a special filler material that promotes healthy root mass growth and encourages a thriving eco system. Floating wetlands are also used in stormwater and wastewater treatment plants and have shown to uptake heavy metals and other contaminants via roots and shoots harvesting. The main difference between the floating panels and simply planting around the dam is that the panels give you control of how many plants there are and the extent of their spread whereas plating into the dam will mean that the plants can take over and cause other problems down the line. Floating wetland panels are a great natural way to treat the water of nutrient levels and we highly recommend them for anyone who wants to reduce nutrient loading in their water body.

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