Water Treatments

Regardless of whether your water is used for irrigation, livestock, domestic use, greywater, potable supply, aquariums, aquaculture, ornamental or wastewater purposes; managing the quality is crucial to success. Water is a living medium and conditions can drastically change in a short span of time. Influencers of water quality are vast and can include temperature, nutrients going in, water use, biological activity within the water, animals, chemicals, weather, pH and salinity. That is just to list a few, the reasons behind why quality changes can be down to everything and this industry is one where Murphy’s Law reigns supreme. This requires proper preparation in terms of long term strategies but also availability of short term solutions to account for sudden unforeseen circumstances. Various water treatments are available including biological, chemical, algaecides, flocculants, dyes, oxygen enhancers, diatom fertilisers and stabilisers. Which one you choose to use will likely depend on water usage, application methods available, pond size and extent of the problem being treated so feel free to contact us should you be unsure of what is suitable.

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