Algaecides & Herbicides

When most people see algae or aquatic weeds growing in their dam or pond, the first thing they want is some good algaecides to bomb it all. While there are many methods to handle weedy situations, algaecides come to mind first for a reason; they work. Large amounts of research have gone into algaecides to improve their efficiency and to reduce the environmental impact. Which algaecide to use will largely depend on dam uses such as whether it is stocked, used for irrigation, livestock drinking or simply ornamental. Water body size would also be an influencing factor as some algaecides need to be sprayed on evenly throughout the lake while others may be topical treatments. Algaecides have also been researched to the point where your type of algae will influence the choice of product. there are better products for filamentous algae while another will work better for larger planted weeds. There are just so many options and we will have a product that will work for you. If you are unsure of which to use, then get in contact with us and we can get you in the right direction. Remember, while algaecides and herbicides work to solve the issue at hand, they don’t address the root causes. To solve your problems in the long run, we recommend taking a look at the aeration and biologicals sections of the website.

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