Sewerage Treatment

wastewater sewerage treatment process in an industrial plant

Sewerage Treatment Process

Regardless of the complexity of your sewage treatment system problems can arise in any of the primary, secondary or tertiary stages creating imbalances in the microbiology.  Our range of wastewater treatment products can help your sewerage treatment system get back online and functioning well without the need for expensive alterations to the plant.

Regardless if your sewerage treatment plant is serving a city or single household, you’re subject to strict environmental laws that define the acceptable wastewater effluent quality and it’s not uncommon for imbalances in a sewage treatment plant to result in effluent quality outside of these parameters, and that’s where we can help.  Our range of biological water treatments can help you quickly get your discharge back within regulatory limits or be used as an ongoing maintenance tool to maintain a healthy, effective biological treatment system with happy microbes.

Our sewerage treatment products can help with odour control, sludge reduction, nitrification, hydrogen sulphide control, grease control, foaming, settling and re-establishing a plant if damaged by an influx of chemicals.

Our sewerage treatment products can be supplied in small quantities for domestic sewerage systems or in bulk for large scale sewerage treatment plants.  We also have a large range of wastewater aeration equipment suitable for domestic wastewater systems right up to large scale wastewater lagoons.







Sewerage Treatment Products

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