1″ Vulkan 15 Adjustable Jet Fountain Nozzle

1" Vulkan 15 Fountain Nozzle Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
1 Vulkan 15 Fountain Nozzle


Product Description

Vulkan Fountain Nozzle

The 1″ Vulkan 15 jet fountain nozzle is commonly used for small to medium sized fountains and will be great addition to your pond or water garden. The water from the nozzle powerfully expels upwards in a fine jet in a tiered effect of clear streams,  it does not require a water level to operate and it is a low noise fountain nozzle. The diameter of the total unit is 108mm high and 85mm wide and the 15 other adjustable nozzles are 4.75mm in size, it is made of cast iron material and has a removable cap for easy cleaning.

The Vulkan fountain nozzle would be a great addition to any garden, pond or lake as a luxurious and creative water feature.

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