1″ Waterlily Fountain Nozzle

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1" Waterlily Fountain Nozzle Clearwater Lakes and Ponds


Product Description

Waterlily Fountain Nozzle

The 1″ Waterlily fountain nozzle has a delicate and classic effect by creating a small tier, with the bottom tier of the fountain looking like a trumpet shape, with the top tier creating a fine clear water spray giving the look of a flower. The fountain nozzle is water level independent and it is great in windy locations as it will still hold its shape and it has a female BSP connection.

The Waterlily fountain nozzle looks excellent when illuminated at night giving the water feature an elegant and contemporary look that would be great when used as a water feature in a flower garden or even on its own its a great feature, either way its a fantastic way to make an impact in any garden.

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