2″ Jet Cluster Fountain Nozzle

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2" Jet Cluster Fountain Nozzle Clearwater Lakes and Ponds

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Jet Cluster Fountain Nozzle

The 2″ Jet Cluster fountain nozzle uses vertical columns of clear streaming water giving the appearance of a large diameter water column, the nozzle has excellent visibility from long distances away and is low to moderate in noise, the splash is also low to moderate when in use. The Jet fountain nozzle will create good aeration quality for your body of water and it has great wind stability so it can be used in windy locations, the nozzle is great for use in a grouped series as it will produce a magnificent looking fountain and when submersible lighting is used it will only enhance the look of the fountain even more

The fountain nozzle is made from machined brass and bronze material with machined brass jets and has a female thread connection for easy installation.

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