3″ Tulip Fountain Nozzle

3" Tulip Fountain Nozzle Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
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Tulip Fountain Nozzle

The 3″ Tulip fountain nozzle produces a mushroom like pattern with the centre of the water flow sinking making the tulip effect, it is a great fountain nozzle for use in surrounding flower gardens it creates an excellent effect if arranged in groups at all different heights but it still looks great on it’s own or in a lake fountain. The nozzle is very low noise and creates very limited splash and is great in windy locations.

The nozzle is made out of cast bronze and brass material with an adjustable top cone, it is water level independent however the base of the nozzle must be placed at water level.

This is an excellent fountain nozzle to achieve that classic or contemporary look in any garden or lake fountain.

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