3/8″ Komet Fountain Nozzle

1/2" Komet Fountain Nozzle Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
3/8" Komet Fountain Nozzle Clearwater Lakes and Ponds


Product Description

Komet Fountain Nozzle

The 3/8″ Komet fountain nozzle is an angle adjustable single jet nozzle with a 4.75mm orifice and is 63mm in diameter, it is independent from the water level and is made of brass material for durability. The fountain nozzle produces a clean, vertical jet of water that can be used as a single unit or is most commonly used as a group to obtain that excellent effect of a sizable fountain. The 3/8″ BSP screw connection allows for the fountain nozzle to be screwed securely and easily into the correct position of the fountain.

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