Algae Lift Granular

Algae Lift Granular Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
Algae Lift Granular Clearwater Lakes and Ponds



Product Description

Algae Lift Granular

Algae Lift is an innovative per-oxygen chemistry that lifts algae and organic material to the surface where it can be skimmed off or left for beneficial bacteria to consume.
Algae Lift works through oxidation, breaking down organic material on contact. You can actually see Algae Lift working as it oxidises the organic material and lifts it to the surface with rising bubbles. It is environmentally responsible, bio degrades completely and increases oxygen levels in your water.  Once diluted and used at the recommended dose rates, Algae Lift is safe for fish, plants, livestock, birds, swimming and irrigation.
For best results Algae Lift should be used in combination with Biostim FB to enable beneficial bacteria to clean up the algae and organic material that will rise to the surface.  This Algae Lift/Biostim FB combination does a great job of cleaning up any water body.  Algae Lift can be used to clean up algae in dams, fish ponds, water gardens, water features, bird baths, swimming ponds and waste water lagoons.

Dose rates;

The easiest and most economical way to use Algae Lift is to spread it directly on the problem areas only.  That means you don’t need to worry about exceeding dose limits or treating the entire water volume.  For more severe conditions where the entire water body needs to be treated the following dose rates are recommended;
Small water bodies – (fish ponds, stock troughs, bird baths, water features etc)
– 20g to 40g per 1000 litres.
Large water bodies (dams, lagoons etc)
– Full water volume treatment – 6kg to 36kg per megalitre
– Surface water volume treatment – 9kg to 45kg per acre
Refer to product label for further instructions.

Additional Information

Download Algae Lift - Product Technical Data Sheet (1)

Additional Information


4kg pail, 10kg pail, 20kg pail, 25kg sack


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