Airolator Aquarian Professional Three Phase

Airolator Aquarian Professional Three Phase Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
Airolator Aquarian Professional Three Phase Clearwater Lakes and PondsAquarian Professional at a dairy wastewater site

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Airolator Aquarian Professional

The Aquarian Professional is an affordable, compact and easy to use surface aerator for ponds, dams, wastewater lagoons and aquaculture ponds.   The Aquarian Professional produces a large volume of water ranging from 1600 – 4500 litres per minute depending on motor size.  The Aquarian Professional’s exclusive computer designed diffuser causes a shearing effect on the high velocity water allowing it to obtain oxygen from the atmosphere and transfer it to the pond or lake.    The Aquarian Professional  provides Standard Oxygen Transfer Rates from 1.0 – 2.2kg/O2/hr depending on the motor size.

At the same time the water is being propelled through the atmosphere, evaporative cooling is occurring which allows the water to retain oxygen for a greater period of time.  This cooler water is more dense and heavier, which displaces the warmer water that is rising toward the pond or lake surface.  With mixing and aeration, turnover is continuous and prevents stratification to depths up to 4 metres.

Key features of the Aquarian Professional are;

-components made in USA, motors in Germany

-rugged, stainless steel Franklin Electric submersible motor, water cooled, water lubricated.  Motors can be upgraded to 316 stainless steel if required.

-motors do not require any oil changes or replacement of seals/gaskets

-available in single or three phase

-supplied with 40m electrical cables as standard but any cable length can be supplied.

-electrical quick disconnects allow pump assembly to be removed for maintenance without the need to remove the float or cable from the water body

-high speed, foul resistant propeller producing high shear water spraying action with no lazy spray or bubbles

-computer designed diffuser engineered to break up the water column for maximum oxygen transfer rate

-optional propeller trash guard available
-styrene foam filled, polyethylene float will not sink even if punctured

-single phase provided with start/run control box.  Optional control boxes with motor protection and timer available for single and three phase

-limited 2 year warranty



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