AquaSticker 13.6kg

Aquasticker 500g Satchel Clearwater Lakes and Ponds


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Product Description


Aquasticker is a mixture of particular bacteria enzymes and micro-nutrients intended to disturb the normal balance in the microbiota microbial populations. Aquatic plants and algae are attractive hosts for micro-organisms since they provide a variety of nutrients. On the surface they both protect them from pathogens and chemical invasion and focus nutrients for their host.

Aquasticker does not kill aquatic plants or algae, it works well with other algaecides also allowing the reduction of Copper in treatment making it cost effective and establishing a more natural treatment. It is used as a clinging agent for algaecides in managing algae as well as additional bacteria such as cyan-bacteria that form benthic mats.

Aquasticker works well with Copper Sulfate and provides balance to the aquatic eco-system and the bacteria adheres to plants, it is especially safe for the environment and not harmful when applying.


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