Biostim Powder 20kg

WaterTreats Biostim Custom 20kg
WaterTreats Biostim Custom 20kgBiostim Powder Clearwater Lakes and Ponds


Product Description

Biostim Powder

Biostim Custom is an Australian blend of natural bacteria that can be used throughout the year instead of using 2 different types of treatment for both the Winter and Summer months. It has it’s own specific bacteria which helps promote nutrients and muck uptake by using the cultures that occur naturally in ponds, dams and lakes and it also contains extra cultures that don’t naturally exist. It has the essential vitamins, biostimulants, catalyzing enzymes and select biological species custom blended for ponds, dams and lakes.

The benefits of using Biostim Custom is it consumes nutrients, reduces sludge, lowers ammonia, clarifies water and balances the body of water and it is a non toxic treatment that will not harm aquatic life and it will remove up to 30-60% of sludge. The best use of Biostim Custom is when the body of water is being aerated so having an aeration system in place will only promote even more success of your pond, dam or lake.

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