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Biostim FB Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
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Product Description

Biostim FB

Biostim FB is an all natural biochemical catalyst made up of enzymes and biostimulants that encourage growth and numbers of beneficial bacteria to degrade dead organic material.  Biostim FB does a great job of degrading rotting leaves and other organic material that when left alone, will ultimately become a nutrient source for algae.  Biostim FB is particularly effective on filamentous algae (also known as string algae or blanket weed) as it upsets the outer cell walls making the algae more vulnerable to attack from natural occurring bacteria or chemical algaecides.  This means you can use less chemicals when combining algaecides with Biostim FB.

Not only does Biostim FB make it easier for algaecides to work, it’s natural ability to degrade rotting organic material helps clean up the mess that’s left behind after a chemical algae treatment.  We have private customers, golf courses and experienced pond professionals who are amazed at how quickly dead, rotting algae disappears after using Biostim FB.

If using with liquid copper algaecides Biostim FB can be added to the spray tank with the copper and dilution water or applied immediately after treatment.  If using with Algae Lift it can be applied a few hours after treatment.

Recommended dosage rates;
Biostim FB works over a wide pH range, but for best results use citric acid or a low-pH surfactant to adjust tank mix to a pH of 5 – 6.

Mother in law dose – for severe conditions – 50 litres per acre to start then 1 litre per acre weekly
Regular dose – 10 litres per acre to start then 3 – 10 litres per acre monthly
Leaf degradation – 3 – 10 litres per acre monthly followed up with 5kg per month of Biostim Pellets

How to apply:
Dilute at the rate of 1 part Biostim FB to 9 parts water then apply using any of the methods below;
-pour along the edge of the water
-spray from shore
-spray from a boat
-pour close to aerators for distribution
-meter in with auto doser

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