Biostim Liquid 5L

Biostim Liquid Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
Biostim Liquid Clearwater Lakes and PondsBiostim Liquid 2 Clearwater Lakes and Ponds


Product Description

Biostim Liquid

Biostim Liquid uses key natural enzymes to degrade suspended organic particles from water by speeding up natural biological pathways resulting in clearer, healthier water.  Organics and key nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are biologically removed or locked up by beneficial bacteria making them unavailable for algae or aquatic weeds. Biostim Liquid reduces nutrient loads making conditions less favourable for growth of algae or aquatic weeds and clarifies water by reducing suspended organic particles.

Biostim liquid is non-toxic and safe for all aquatic organisms and wildlife.  It can be used in dams, ponds, lagoons and virtually any water body experiencing problems with excessive nutrients or high organic loads.  Biostim Liquid is a chemical free formulation of 12 strains of beneficial bacteria combined with bio-stimulants, bio-energisers and trace elements.  This unique formulation stimulates biological activity of existing bacteria and introduces selected cultures proven to degrade organics and purify water.

Monthly Dose Rates for Large Water Bodies – Dams, Lagoons etc.
1 litre per megalitre (million litres)
Monthly Dose Rates for Small Water Bodies – Fish ponds, water features, stock troughs, water tanks etc.
20ml per 1000 litres.
Biostim Liquid can be dosed at higher rates when required but care should be taken to ensure adequate aeration in fish ponds.

Additional Information

Download Biostim Liquid - Product Technical Data Sheet

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