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biostim pellets
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Product Description

Biostim pellets are blend of biostimulants and indigenous bacteria that sink right down into sludge where they slowly release and activate indigenous bacteria.  Once activated, this bacteria feed on sludge cleaning up years of bird droppings, leaves, grass clippings fish food/droppings and any other organic waste.  If left untreated, this organic waste builds up over time making the bottom soft with a brown/black sludge that smells like rotten eggs and is the number one nutrient source for algae in most dams, especially those that are a few years old.

Biostim pellets are fast working and do a great job of reducing sludge and starving algae and aquatic weeds of their food supply.  While they don’t directly kill algae or aquatic weeds, in a few weeks you will see improvements to water clarity, reduced ammonia, reduced nutrients, reduced sludge and a better balanced aquatic system overall.

If your dam has heavy sludge loads pellets can reduce or stop the need for expensive dredging.

Biostim pellets are easy to apply by simply tossing them out over the water where they sink right down into the sludge.  Their small pelletised form allows them to cover a large surface area and all of the ingredients are safe for aquatic life.  They cause no harm if eaten by fish or other animals.

Biostim pellets applied a week or so after a chemical treatment of algaecide or herbicide will help break the chemical cycle by degrading and consuming the dead weed or algae that would otherwise be left to rot on the bottom.  If this rotting material is left on the bottom it slowly breaks down and releases nutrients back into the water feeding the next generation of weeds or algae.  This is something that chemical suppliers don’t tell you because they want you to keep buying more and more chemicals.  Introducing Biostim pellets after a chemical treatment breaks the chemical cycle by using beneficial bacteria to consume the nutrients making them unavailable for future growth of weeds or algae.

In very large dams or reservoirs the pelletised formula of Biostim pellets allows them to treat specific areas rather than the entire water body.  Some of our clients have areas where they get in and out for swimming and want to keep it clear of sludge and weeds so they use Biostim pellets in small areas rather than the entire lake.  This also goes for golf courses or other irrigators that have large storage dams and want to keep the suction lines clear of algae so treat only the area around the suction line intake.  Aquaculture farms find it useful for cleaning up sludge and stopping algae growth or biofouling of cages.

This truly is an incredibly useful product for desludging any water body, especially dams, lakes, decorative ponds, retention ponds, lagoons, aquaculture ponds and shorelines.

Recommended dose rates;
Mother in law dose – for severe conditions – if you want to reduce 300mm of sludge per month add 25kg per acre per month
Regular dose – 5 to 10kg per acre per month depending on depth of sludge or surface debris/algae
Works in all temperatures but will give best results in water temperatures greater than 15 degrees

Additional Information

Download Biostim Pellets - Product Technical Data Sheet

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