Bug On A Rope

Bug On A Rope - M5yRryFjQZ235gHK65W9_Bug_20on_20a_20rope
Bug On A Rope - M5yRryFjQZ235gHK65W9_Bug_20on_20a_20rope


Product Description

Bug On A Rope is a unique formula of bacteria and enzymes with a slow release oxygen-rich biostimulant base to provide a big boost to any pumping station. It releases seven strains of bacteria, productive enzymes and oxygen-rich biostimulants to degrade fats, oils, and grease in pumping stations and sewer lines. Bug on a rope slowly dissolves to lower BOD & sulfide generation and when it’s done, you simply pull out the plastic core.
How to use:
The faster it dissolves, the faster the results. The operator controls the dissolving rate. The closer the brick is to incoming flow, the faster it will dissolve. Weather also controls the dissolving rate, if it is warmer the brick will dissolve faster and vice versa.
Where to Place:
Heavy Grease: When grease is the heaviest, place Bug On A Rope directly under the incoming flow. If one cannot place under flow, use two Bug On A Ropes.
Moderate Grease: For grease maintenance; when pumping station is at its lowest flow rate, place Bug On A Rope 300-500mm under water in middle of pump station. This will assure best dissolving rate during moderate incoming levels of grease.
Dissolving Rates:
Heavy Grease: If directly under the flow, a brick will last about two weeks in a 400,000 litre per day pumping station. In a 80,000 litre per day pumping station it will last 6-8 weeks. After use, knock any remaining off the plastic core into the pumping station.
Moderate Grease: 8
80,000 -200,000 LPD 2-3 months
400,000 LPD 6 weeks-2 months
1,000,000 LPD 3 weeks

*If less than 80,000 LPD, MUST BE PLACED DIRECTLY UNDER FLOW or will not dissolve. If this is not possible, please try our VitaStim Grease or GreaseZilla Liquid.

Additional Information

Download Bug-On-A-Rope - Product Technical Data Sheet


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