Dazzel Fresh 20L

Dazzel Fresh 20L - RQhW36aDSESrMAO7JJDz_Dazzel_20Fresh
Dazzel Fresh 20L - RQhW36aDSESrMAO7JJDz_Dazzel_20FreshDazzel Fresh 20L - uHtuFj7RlGudVUb0MIc6_Dazzel_20Fresh_20Odour_20Encapsulator


Product Description

Dazzel Fresh is an odour control agent for wastewater,
sludge and hydrogen sulfide “rotten egg” smells. Dazzel Fresh uses organic
chelation chemistry to encapsulate the root causes of the odours in both liquid
and gaseous states. Dosage rates may vary per application and will depend on
amount of hydrogen sulfide produced.


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