Foam Buster 1kg

Foam Buster 1kg - FOAMBUST1 - dpB2hrtRo2SHGg4NZavA_Foam_20Buster
Foam Buster 1kg - FOAMBUST1 - dpB2hrtRo2SHGg4NZavA_Foam_20Buster


Product Description

Foam Buster

Foam Buster is a nutrient mixture that controls foaming and lowers the thread like structured cells in the wastewater treatment process. Foam Buster consists of  minerals, vitamins and a natural buffering system which helps resist a change in pH when acids or bases are added this will also assist in any settling and foaming problems.

Fats, oils, grease and fatty acids are the destructive filaments that contribute to the issues relating to foaming on the surface but with Foam Buster it will destroy their food source causing the fats and oils to degrade and it encourages the good natural bacteria to digest the bad filaments.

Foam Buster is different to many reducing foaming products as it gets to the root the problem and not just covers it up.

Additional Information

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