Impeller Aerator Three Phase 1.5hp 1.1kw

Impeller Single Phase Aerator Clearwater Lakes and Ponds Sale!
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Product Description

Impeller Aerator Three Phase 1.5hp 1.1kw

The Futi Impeller Aerator is made from an aluminum alloy housing and there is no welding required for the propeller assembly. The engineered designed unit is built to withstand gear damage and can limit any engine burn out due to the specific materials used and is so light it may be carried around and is still strong in it’s function. The unit has a built in protector installed to avoid any overheating and overloading and has additional impellers in plastic and stainless steel which will ensure long time use in marine, high corrosive industrial waste water and freshwater environments.

Please note that Futi products are not supplied with submersible electrical cable and installation by certified electrician is required for warranty purposes to apply

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1.1kw / 1.5hp, 1.5kw / 2hp


40m Cable, No Cable


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