King’s Duck Solution 1L

Kings Duck Solution 1L Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
Kings Duck Solution 1L Clearwater Lakes and Ponds


Product Description

King’s Duck Solution

This liquid duck repellent is an all natural non-toxic formula used as a deterrent to ducks gathering and fouling areas around swimming pools, pontoons, entertainment areas, jetties and alike.It can be applied to any area that is tiled, bricked, pebbled or paved but NOT to be poured into pool water or directly onto soil.  If necessary, temporarily place some bricks or timber on areas to be treated and pour onto these temporary surfaces. The product will not stain however product should not be applied to porous surfaces such as sandstone or timber.

One application is normally enough with positive results within 5 to 7 days.  This of course depends on the frequency of the ducks visitation.  A second application may be required for situations where many ducks are visiting.

Ducks tend to gather and foul the same area therefore treating this area alone will normally suffice. If they decide to move to another area nearby then this area needs to be treated.  Eventually the duck’s ‘safe’ zones will soon disappear leaving them no option but to move to another location.


The area should be cleaned prior to application.  The treated area may be slippery when wet however this applies mainly to smooth tiled areas.  It may be necessary, during the cooler months to immerse the unopened bottle in a bucket of warm to hot water for 20-30 minutes.  This action will liquefy the previously congealed solution and make application easier. Shake well prior and during application.

Free pour directly from the bottle onto the target area.  Allow to dry naturally.  It is best to choose and extended period of dry weather of 3-5 days.  Once applied it will last 7 to 10 days.

Keep out of reach of children.  Not to be taken.  Product consists of all natural oil, herbs and spices.


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