Koi Pond Nitrifying Bacteria 1L

Koi Pond Nitrifying Bacteria 1L - Lz6OGDMqSMuvMbOMdbOK_Koi_20Pond_20Nitrifying_20Bacteria_20Treatment
Koi Pond Nitrifying Bacteria 1L - Lz6OGDMqSMuvMbOMdbOK_Koi_20Pond_20Nitrifying_20Bacteria_20Treatment


Product Description

A common problem for many water bodies ranging from lakes to
small aquariums is an accumulation of ammonia or nitrites. This creates a toxic
environment for fish and can hinder oxygen uptake from the water. Accumulation
of nitrites can also cause “Brown Blood Disease” in fish stocks. Ammonia and
nitrite are produced from fish, uneaten feed, faeces and decaying organic
matter such as plant matter. In a functioning ecosystem, these toxins are
converted to nitrates which can be readily taken by plants but accumulation is
very common when newly set up filtration systems have not been given enough
time to build up a nitrifying bacteria population sufficient to handle the
ammonia load of the water body. Koi Pond Nitrifying Bacteria can help speed up
the process by adding to the bacterial colonies rather than waiting for them to
expand to required levels. Koi Pond Nitrifying Bacteria contains nitrospira,
nitrosopora, nitrosomonas and nitrobacter which all contribute to the natural
nitrogen cycle to get your filtration systems, whether in pond or external,
running well. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels will vary between water
bodies and testing should be done to assess the required levels of bacteria.

Recommended weekly dose rate 10ml per 1000L.  Dilute into a bucket of pond water and spread throughout the pond and/or pour underneath waterfalls or fountains.  Best kept refrigerated.

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